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Stock Donations as Legacy Gifts

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Donate Stocks

One of the biggest tax advantages in charitable giving continues to be the double benefit donors get when donating appreciated assets to Bottomless Closet instead of cash. By giving appreciated assets (like stocks held for more than one year), you'll get a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the asset and avoid any capital gains tax that would have applied if you had sold the stock and made your gift in cash.

Please provide the following information in your request when directing your broker to transfer your shares to Bottomless Closet:

  • Bottomless Closet
  • 1 West 34th Street, Fifth Floor
  • New York, NY  10001
  • EIN: 13-4037622
  • Broker Name: J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
  • Crest# 5KKAV. Euroclear# 90014.
  • Account Name: Bottomless Closet
  • Account Number: 92081753
  • DTC Number: 0352
  • Tax ID: 13-4037622
  • Contact with any questions:
  • Simona Solomos
  • Relationship Manager
  • J.P. Morgan Wealth Management
  • 233 S Wacker Dr, Suite 9330, Chicago, IL 60606
  • 241 Royal Palm Way | Palm Beach, FL 33480
  • Office: (561) 803-1095 | Fax: (561) 803-1000 |

It is important to notify Bottomless Closet of the specifics of this transaction (stock name, share quantity, gift designation) so we can credit your gift appropriately. Please contact us at or

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